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An area of interest that i've had for many years is to with the reading of books and articles on the subject of UFO's.I use to subscribe to a magazine a few years ago called UFO magazine, sadly the editor passed away and magazine never continued.Here are some facts below.
If you were to collate all of the UFO reports gleaned from a 12 month period from throughout the world,on average,a UFO is spotted every 15 minutes of the year!.According to a study entitled 'Project 1947',more 'flying saucer'reports were recorded in 1947 than in any subsequent year.No civlian UFO groups existed at that time,and the vast majority of case-incidents were reported on by the news media.

Since 1947,over 4,000 residual ground trace marks have been found in or around the vacinity of alleged UFO landing sites throughout the world.In many instances,radiation and unusual effects to plant-life and soil have been noted,often many years after the event.Such cases can be found in abundence throughout the UFO literature from just about every nation on the planet.

Sice 4 July 1974,over 30,000 hitherto classified UFO papers and documents have been releasehed through the American Freedom Act.On 26 April 1990,replying to a question posed about UFOs while visiting workers in the Urals,Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said:"The phenomenon of UFOs is real,i know that there are scientific organisations which study the problem".



With the coming of 'glasnot'it became known that the most formidable department of the USSR had been collecting documents concerning UFO'S in the so-called "Blue Folder"-KGB documents that were taken off the security list in October 1991 upon the enquiry of Russian cosmonaut.Pavel Popovich.

Many copies of such documents are kept in the archival depository of the Russian Geographical Society's Ufological Committee.

The fact of UFO existence was more than once confirmed by Soviet Military men.UFO's were observed from the ground and from the air,as well as registered on the radar screens.


One of the documents describes a UFO encounter that happened in 1984 in Turkestan Military District.Anti-aircraft defense systems,near the city of Astrakhan,"notched up"the object that flew along the Caspian Sea coast at an altitude of 2000 metres above the sea level and was heading to the frontier.It did not respond to the interrogations .Its shape resembled a sphere.
Two fighters were scrambled,but all attempts to shoot the UFO down,failed.
Moreover,when the object was fired at,it descended down to 100 metres above the ground to an altitude that made further firing by the fighters impossible.It is necessary to mention that,despite the firing,the speed of the UFO did not change.During the flight the object passed above several military unit locations,and this made it possible to take photographs.When the UFO approached the town of Krasnovodsk,a heleicopter was scrambled to make an attempt to shoot the intruder down,but the UFO quickly climbed and hovered at an altitude that was inaccesible for the helicopter.After the pilots had spent all their ammunition,the helicopter descended for landing,where-upon the UFO sharply changed course and headed toward the open sea.Soon after,the object disappeared from sight and was lost by radar.


In 1985,a radar station in the Krasnovodsk region,under the command of Capatain L Valuev,registered an unknown object at an altitude of 20,000 metres.Its dimension was about 1000 metres!.The object did not move,but after some time,a small disc,whose diameter was approximately 5 metres,flew out of the large object.This smaller disc-shaped UFO landed at the Krasnovodsk Split.Patrol boats of the Caspian flotilla rushed to the landing site,but when they approached at a distance about 100 metres,the UFO took off and flew about a kilometre away.The boats approached the UFO again,and once more it flew away.This was repeated five times!.Finally the object went up with tremendous speed.Its mark on the radar screen coincided with the mark of the "mothercraft",and then the large UFO went into space.


Another "Blue Folder" report reads:
'Herein i report that on the 23rd of May 1985,scheduled flights were carried out by 227th bomber air regiment,Hurba airfield,in the Komsomolsk region of Khabarovsk Territory.At 22.35 local time,an unidentified flying object was noticed at the airfield.The dull-orange object had an oval shape,and was travelling from west to east at a height of 200-300 metres,at a speed of about 500-600 kilometres per hour.This unidentified flying object was observed by Chief Flight Control Officer,Lt Col.A.A.Alifanov;Close Zone Flight Control Officer,Captain A.U.Shevnin;and the head of the regiment's Weather Group,Captain V.P.Stikin.The next day,at 00:40,the same phenomenom was observed for 10-12 minutes at the Litovko range,in the Komsomolsk Territory by Senior Navigator,Major V.V.Kudriavstev and by weather Group Engineer,First Lt.V.V Maltsev.This time the oval-shaped object was of a dull-white colour and emitted rays of light,upwards and down.The downward rays were much brighter than the upwards ones.The object travelled at high altitude and with great speed.

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At the beginning of August 1987,five military men from the Leningrad Military District were commissioned to the north of Karelia with a special task.The task was to guard an object of unknown origin that was discovered on the terrain not long before,by another military unit near the town of Vyborg.The object was 14 metres long,4 metres wide and 2.5 metres high.There were no doors or hatches on the object's body.All attempts to open it failed.There were attempts to break off something from the object,but they succeeded only in extracting some strange rods from the stern part of this enigmatic device.At the end of September (1987)the object disappeared from a hangar without leaving a trace.


Another "Blue Folder" report reads'On the 25th of November ,1986,at12:50 Moscow time,civil flight control service,as well as the military department of that service in the airport og Magadan,a city in Eastern Siberia,discovered an unidentified target.'At that time,an A1-12 aeroplane,Flight No.11421,was approaching the target at an altitude of 7,200 metres.The captain of the aeroplane was warned by traffic control service about the situation.When the aeroplane and UFO passed clear of each other,the object turned right,in the direction toward Sheleknov Bay,and raised its speed to 900-1000 kilometres per hour.The speed continued to increase and at 13:00 it achieved 3000 kilometres per hour.Retaining this speed,the object moved away to the shore off Kamchatka,and at a distance of 150 kilometres from the coastline ,disappeared from radar screens.


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