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Article by Darrin Garnham
I have decided to write this in my own words,these are my own views and should not be taken as proof, merely research I have done through the internet and other sources.All I will say is keep an open mind.
The Iraq war we were told at first was to do with WMD and Saddam Hussain had to be stopped ,we now know years later that this was a lie and he didn't have any active programs after the First Gulf War.Lets rewind back to the early 80's and find out where Saddam Hussain got his WMD technology from,you guessed it the USA at the height of the Iraq/Iran war America armed Saddam in its fight against Iran to persue its own interests,so we can deduce that the American government at the time knew exactly what capabilities Saddam had as they provided this for him, so on that consensus the war in Iraq was not about WMD.
The UN inspection teams that followed after the first gulf war had found no evidence whatsoever on this activity,in the years that followed when sanctions were put in place,some 9,000+ visits by UN teams throughout Iraq found nothing or evidence of WMD, but this wasn't good enough for the Bush administration.Because Saddam Hussain survived the First Gulf War and sanctions that followed hadn't toppled him or any uprisng by Iraqi people.
Lets look at the sanctions themselves and lies put in place, the fear they wanted people to believe was that Saddam would get hands on WMD technology from elsewhere,this never happened because of the inspections by UN teams and sanctions,in fact we now know that after 1991 Iraq abandoned its WMD program,the USA had hoped that sanctions would cause hardship on the Iraq population forcing them to rise up and topple Saddam Hussain,however this didn't happen and despite years of sanctions Saddam held Iraq together,so another way had to found.
Then in 2001 the world changed with 911 and attacks that followered,Al Queida were now the enemy with Osama Bin Laden in US sights the start of the "War on Terror",this then led to start of war in Afgahanistan to topple the Taliban and the ongoing campaign in that country today,but the Bush administration then turned its attention back to Iraq and tried to implicate Saddam Hussain that he was supporting terrorism and Al Quieda and had to dealt with,this again was a lie, in fact Saddam didn't support any form of terrorism,yes he was tyrant and feared in Iraq, but he kept his borders secure from Al Quieda and terrorists so there was no proof there to the Bush administration charges.So plans were now being drawn up for another reason to topple Saddam,this time going back to WMD and to convince the UN and the world he had to be dealt with.We all remember in the news listening to Colin Powell laying out plans and presenting so called evidence that Iraq had to be dealt with and he had these WMD's threating the world,of course behind the scenes America was already assembling its forces on the border of Iraq for an invasion whilst talks were going on,so the invasion was going to happen regardless of how these talks went and subsequently did when the UN fell for the US spin on its evidence and voted giving the green light for the invasion to begin.
So now we come to the real reason as to why invasion happened,OIL,prior to invasion Saddam Hussain decided to sell and trade Iraq oil in other currencies other than the dollar,this sent shockwaves in the US government so something had to done to negate this hence the invasion that followed.What people need to know is that nearly all oil sells and transactions over the years have been made in US dollars,as it was seen as the dominant currency,but now thats under threat from other currencies such as the Euro which is where oil producing countries are now thinking of changing and moving away from the dollar,if that happened the impact would be significent for the USA and the dollar.So the first thing was to seize all the oilfields which happened quickly on the way to Baghdad, once these were secure other installations followed and once they got to the capital the Oil Ministry was secured with a cordon around,and yet nothing was done to deter the looting and rioting that followed the breakdown of law and order,the Oil Ministry was the only building not looted.Once the USA had control of Iraq,they disbanded the entire Iraqi army and security structure to build from scratch, this was flawed from the start as it allowed an insurgency to develop with Iraqs borders open there was nothing to stop insurgents and terrorists entering Iraq to carry out attacks which lasted years while costing the lives of civilians and soldiers alike.
When an Iraqi new government was set-up,the US offered to help repair the infrastructure which had become pretty bad in the sanction years and get Iraq's oil flowing again but it came as a cost,its oil had to be re-sold in dollars therefore preserving the dollar and US firms and contractors were allowed to tender for repair, freezing out other companies from other countries who wanted to help in the reconstruction that followed.In fact a lot of reconstruction tenders were from US companies,the main contractor being Halliburton.So now we come back to present day,Iraq can now govern itself ,after 7 years the US are pulling out has Iraq been made a safer place ?,will Iraq survive on its own after such a long occupation and reliance by western forces only time will tell.
What now for the Middle East,if Saudi Arabia decided to start selling its oil in other currencies other than the dollar will the US tolerate that?, the strength of the dollar relies on OIL being traded in that currency,as Saudia Arabia has the biggest oil reserve in the world, it doesnt bear thinking about, also we have Iran another major Oil supplier in that area,with there President already talking about selling oil in other currencies, will the US look to invade again to try and secure those oil fields its an area of the world that needs to watched.In fact the US has been quietly building bases in countries within easy reach of Iran over the years should the inevetible happen and we have another war.Nostradamus predicted that a "third world war would start in the middle east",lets hope it doesn't happen and he was wrong.


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