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9-11 Twin Towers

The following is by Dick Eastman on the Rense.com site, I have included part of of the article as its quite big so clicking on the link will take you to the article in full.

Building 7

There is no answer to this conclusive evidence that the WTC towers were deliberately demolished with pre-planted devices while two thousand people were still inside and trying to get out. There is no excuse for any American not to be up in arms and thankful that we have proof and full justification to bring down the Money Power which at this minute has its bloody hands around our economic throats.
Let no one doubt that the WTC buildings were brought down by thermite devices planted in the building with full knowledge and cooperation of Larry Silversteen, close friend of Ariel"We-the-Jewish-People-Control-America-and-The-Americans-Know-it" Sharon.
Begining with Larry Silversteen, it is time to arrest each accomplice within the Perle-Wolfowitz-Kissinger network of Neo-Cons, profiteering Zionist Money Merchants and mercenary killers domestic and foreign we know were involved. The Pentagon evidence was sufficient to convict them all, but the discovery of Dr. Steven Jones, carefully explained here, does for Silverstein what the Pentagon evidence does for Donald Rumsfeld and the entire Pentagon leadership.
Whoever impedes the necessary arrests at this point must be counted as complicit in this capital offense of treason, conspiracy, high-crimes and New Federal "hate crimes" according to our laws -- but more than that, they must be considered enemies of the United States under direct attack by a foreign enemy who has infiltrated our command structure.
Losing this war will carry a cost we cannot bear. To save anything, everyone must be staked on fighting and winning against this consiracy.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.


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MK -Ultra Mind Control

An article by Paul Warren with music that was sent to me and asked if I could put on my site. Click on link.