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History of Surname

Some history of my surname and family crest.
Coat of arms
Hundreds of years ago,the Gaelic name used by the Garnham family in Ireland was Mag Fhionnain,derived from the word fionn, which means fair.The Emerald Isle as Ireland is known,has produced many distinguised family names which have great influenced world history. Not least amongst those names is Garnham.
The history of the this great Irsish sept Garnham is woven into the romantic green fabric of the chronicles of Ireland. Researchers have comsulted historical works by OHart ,McLysaght ,O'Brien, the Four Masters,baptismals,parish records and ancient land grants.Historical eveidence shows that the family name Garnhamwas first found in County Mayo where they held a family seat from ancient times.Spelling variations of the name were found in the archives researched particularly when families attempted to translate the name from the Gaelic into English.Variations of the surname Garnham included the spellings ,Gannon ,Ganon and others.
The great Gaelic family Garnham emerged in later years in County of Mayo.This is one of the oldest Irish surnames being descended from Hugh Munderg son of Flaithertach,Monarch of all Ireland.They were related to the Mulroy's ,Mul Roy meaning literally "devotee or servant to the king".Micahel Gannon took part in the 1798 uprising, Mary Gannon, the American vaudeville Star was of the same family, and Nicolas Gannon was a notable Irish poet.
In North America some of the first migrants who could be consided kinsmen of the Irish sept Garnham of that same family were: Edward ,Francis ,Hugh ,James ,John ,Michael,Patrick ,Thomas and William Gannon who all arrived in Philadelphia between 1840 and 1860,Conner Gannon and Mary Gannon arrived in Canada in 1839.Some Irish settlers remained loyal to the Crown during the American War of Independance and moved north into Canada.Thet were often granted land,and because known as the United Empire Loyalists.Others fought on the American side.
Bearers of the surname Garnham have included many prominant people ,such as Rich Gannon (b.1965), American NFL quarterback ,Brigadier Jack Gannon C.B.E.,Commander of the Legion of Merit.The coat of arms found for a bearer of the Garnham surname did not include a motto.Under most heraldic authorities,a motto is an optional componant of the coat of arms,and many families have chosen not to display a motto.


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