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Welcome to my new website my name is Darrin Garnham and I live in Guernsey in the Channel Islands, I hope to share with you some of my interests and hobbies also provide links to various sites for you to visit, main interest is UFO's and do they really exist ?, I have created a number of pages on this subject and will be adding more over time, my interest started in my teens by reading a number of paperbacks on this subject, one book in particular was called "Someone else is on our Moon" and narrated accounts from astronauts and photos of odd anomalies on the moon surface.
I also read up on conspiracy theories and have an open mind on this subject to. I have also added other pages not related to UFO's and hope you enjoy these to, also the Galleries.
Other hobbies include online gaming, reading Science Fantasy books and crosswords.Also visit my Free Downloads page and play the classic game PACMAN.
Hope you enjoy my site and please sign my Guestbook after your visit.Click on any of the links to the left to browse my site. If you have any questions or wish to link to my site, click on email link below. Thank you.
I have recently added a UFO news reader on the Ufology page,check it out.I have recently changed the layout of the site I hope you find browsing easier. If there are any writers on Ufology/Conspiracies etc who want to submit any material or articles then let me know by email and I will include you on the site with a column,no charge.
I have added a new column for a writer Simon Penney whom I welcome to my site please read the article he has wrote.I now have a listing on UFO Matrix website click below to see. Add MK Ultra piece and a link to new UFO site which goes live in November.


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MK -Ultra Mind Control

An article by Paul Warren with music that was sent to me and asked if I could put on my site. Click on link.